Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF) shown that State’s rice reserves to be sold at fairer price

10 Jul 2020
Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF) shown that State’s rice reserves to be sold at fairer price

The rice (Aemahta variety), that have been purchased from export companies as country’s reserved rice, will be sold at a much fairer price, according to Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF). Those reserved rice will be sold through retail shops. The state’s emergency rice reserve is to ensure the food security, keep the price stable in the domestic market, continue to export them regularly, lessen the worries of the consumers during the pandemic, and not to harm the rice production of farmers due to the price fall when the new paddy is harvested. Therefore, the rice has been purchased from exporters since April-end. Those reserved rice are planned to be sold at K22,800 per 108-pound bag to the registered retail shops, with the maximum 200 bags per batch. The shops must resell the rice to the consumers not exceeding K1,000-1,100 per pyi (2.3 kg) depending on the regions. Moreover, there is a separate plan to sell the rice at the labour-intensive factories for the workers. MRF stated that the respective Consumer Affairs Department of the regions and states will monitor the sales to ensure systematic management. Regarding the rice purchase at a much fairer price, those interested retailers and factories can contact through mobile numbers — 09-694386994 of MRF and 09-694386996 of Myanmar Rice and Paddy Traders Association. The Ministry of Commerce, Myanmar Inspection and Testing Service (MITS), the authorized organization of the State and MRF implemented rice reserve scheme on 30 April. The state has purchased more than 34,000 tonnes of rice from 123 companies as of 11 June. They have been stored at nine warehouses, in line with the set rules and regulations. (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)


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