Traders requested China for temporary stay to sell watermelon and muskmelon

19 Oct 2020
Traders requested China for temporary stay to sell watermelon and muskmelon

Fruits and Vegetable Wholesale at Muse (105) mile in its statement on October 13 have requested a temporary stay for some Myanmar fruits and vegetable traders at Wanding City, China when watermelon and muskmelon export volume is at large. 

The statement also implored the Shan State Government to address the difficulties of transportation and trading due to restrictions and COVID-19 preventive measures while the watermelon and muskmelon export season has begun. 

At present, due to the travel restriction into/ out of China, only goods can enter China while traders cannot go into the country, and thus the transaction is carried out by the phone when the goods arrive at Wanding Fruit Market. This method can become troublesome when the watermelon and muskmelon supply massively flows into the country. It can lead to a situation where farmers don’t get the remunerative price and thus the body requests Yunnan Province Government to grant a temporary stay for five Myanmar traders at Wanding City. 

The five personals will follow the requirements and procedures including having the COVID-19 test. 

Moreover, when trucks loaded with fruits and vegetables enter the Shan State, the statement requests the Shan State Government to give priority to the drivers, who drive the truck loaded with perishable fruits and vegetables, to receive the COVID-19 test.


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