Business people are interested to invest in Mrauk-U and Thandwe airport upgrading projects in Rakhine State

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Business people are interested to invest in Mrauk-U and Thandwe airport upgrading projects in Rakhine State

Mrauk-U Airport and Thandwe Airport in Rakhine State will be upgraded while a lot of prospective businesspeople have come to enquire about the project, said Rakhine State Minister for Finance, Revenue, Planning and Economy Kyaw Aye  Thein during a press conference held on February 22 after the closing of Rakhine State Investment Fair.

"They are interested in the Mrauk-U and Thandwe airport projects at a union level. A lot of entrepreneurs are coming to us. They are included the project bank. We are announcing the projects we have," said the minister.

According to the investment fair, another lucrative business is tourism in addition to marine, agricultural and livestock businesses.

The reason the airport upgrading projects are to be implemented is to ensure the convenience and smooth transport of foreign travellers and businesspeople coming to the town of Mrauk-U blessed with natural beaches, traditional custom and cultural heritages in Thandwe District.

"In exposing cultural heritages, we are also trying to put Mrauk-U region on the list of World Heritage Sites. Mrauk-U is less popular but the region is ruled by ancient Rakhine kings is blessed with spectacular sceneries and artistic works. It also holds a religious significance,” said Kyaw Aye Thein.

Rakhine State could not have developed as much as it should because of its inability to effectively grab the chances to tap natural resources, said State’s Chief Minister Nyi Pu at a commemorative dinner for the Rakhine State Investment Fair on February 21.

"Since we are not able to seize our chance to tap into the natural resources in an effective manner, Rakhine State does not develop as much as it should. If we can do it more effectively, our state will see rapid progress sooner or later. This will contribute to Myanmar and the international community. I hereby request that all here are to help with the success of this investment fair. On our effort alone, we cannot succeed. Success can only be achieved with cooperation of all," said the chief minister.

The investment fair was held on February 22-23 at Jasmine Ngapali Resort in Thandwe, Rakhine State.


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