Myanmar received over USD $ 25.3 billion in FDI in the past five years under the incumbent government

19 พฤศจิกายน 2563

Myanmar has received over US$25.3 billion in foreign investment under the ruling government over the past five years, with largest investment in manufacturing, transport and communications sectors, according to Myanmar Investment Commission.

From 2016-2017 fiscal year to October this year, nearly 980 businesses invested US$23.934 billion in Myanmar.

Under the special economic zone law, Thilawa SEZ has received US$1.377 billion invested by 60 businesses.

Within five years since the present government took office, 1,039 foreign businesses invested US$25.312 billion. The investments were made in the sectors of manufacturing, transport and communications, housing development, energy, hotel and tourism, livestock and fishery, industrial zone construction, oil and gas exploration, agriculture, mining and services.

US$6.242 billion went to the manufacturing sector in largest investment accounting for 26 percent, US$6.135 billion to the transport and communications sector, US$3.6 billion to the housing development sector, over US$720 million to the hotel and tourism sector, about US$460 million to the livestock and fishery sector, US$390 million to the industrial zone construction sector, over US$360 million to the oil and gas sector, over US$180 million to the agriculture sector, over US$11 million to the mining sector and US$2.6 billion to other services sector.   


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