The trade flow of Sino – Myanmar boosted as Manwain border post opened 24 hours for border trade

14 มกราคม 2564
The trade flow of Sino – Myanmar boosted as Manwain border post opened 24 hours for border trade

The flow of trade between China and Myanmar has improved significantly after opening Manwain border checkpoint for 24 hours, which is essential to the border trade, according to Muse-Namhkam Merchant Association.
Border authorities from both sides have agreed on opening the Muse-Manwain trading post for 24 hours on a 10-day trial basis starting from 5 to 14 January to speed up the trade flow between the two countries delayed during the pandemic period.
“Before opening the Manwain crossing for 24 hours, more than 200 trucks with cargo entered China daily. After opening, over 400 trucks are crossing between China and Myanmar at Manwain checkpoint daily. Now, the flow of trade is faster than earlier. The trucks that have been waiting for many days to enter China at Muse 105th Mile are also entering China these days,” Muse-Namhkam Merchant Association Chairperson U Sai Nom said.
Myanmar primarily exports watermelon, muskmelon, rice, broken rice, green gram, sugar and other agricultural products, and it imports electrical equipment, machinery, motorcycles, motorcycle accessories, fertilizers and construction materials.
“It would be better if we could open the crossing for 24 hours because it would be beneficial to the entrepreneurs and the people. The rental charges of the trucks will also drop. Also, the flow of trade will be faster. But, we need to assign the departmental staff mainly, and they will be busy during these days,” said U Kyaw Myint Oo, a trader.
On the Myanmar side, the truck rental charges drop by 40 per cent. However, both counties will have to take responsibility for the truck drivers’ safety and ensure that they comply with COVID-19 guidelines during the trial period.
In the trial period, the Manwain border crossing will be open for 24 hours until 14 January. Further coordination will be conducted between the two countries. The authorities will extend the opening hours or allow entry or exit for 12 hours of MST.

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